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The newest Stepping Stones branch, we opened in October 2015. With eight classrooms accommodating children from 15 months to four years, Stepping Stones is equipped with the finest amenities to prepare your child for "big school." Our unique programme and Modern Montessori curriculum encourages learning through play, as the children move between different activities every twenty minutes. Our focus on practical skills and sensory activities develop the children’s knowledge of the world around them and encourage independence. Numbers, shapes, colours and letters are just some of the other concepts that the little ones get introduced to during their time at Stepping Stones.

The children have fun exercising in our excellent indoor Gym, being active in our well equipped outdoor play areas, having a ‘splash’ using our purposefully built pool, using their imagination in the Pretend room, sharpening their senses in the Five Senses area, getting engaged in a book in the Library, stimulating their taste buds during cooking classes, as well as singing and dancing in our Music room.

Stepping Stones provide the right means for your child to learn in his or her unique way by giving a platform for each individual child to build a strong and well-rounded foundation for their future.

Each branch has very qualified and experienced educators that undergo regular comprehensive training to ensure up to date knowledge and skills.

This branch is situated in Muroor, Abu Dhabi, just beside the Al Bahr Towers (commonly known as the pineapple towers), down the road from the Malaysian Embassy.