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Modern Montessori Education

Our curriculum offers a broad range of “hands on” practical experiences in a safe and stimulating environment which is designed to support all aspects of a child’s development and learning:-


Practical Life Exercises

Opening, closing, beading, spooning, lifting and pouring are all important pre-writing activities that develop a child’s hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills. These activities also further develop concentration, independence, responsibility, awareness of environment and a positive self-image.


Sensorial Education

These activities are designed to reinforce the five senses to help guide the children in learning to discriminate, clarify and compare and are the basic foundations of mathematics. Sensorial materials introduce the concept of colour, weight, shape, texture, size, sound and smell in an enjoyable way.


Communication, Language and Literacy

Young children have the ability to absorb language and every effort is made to give each child as much correct vocabulary as possible either individually or in a group. Children utilise their senses to help them read and write with proper understanding. Sandpaper letters are used to introduce phonetic sounds leading to correct letter formation and further developing hand and eye co-ordination and fine motor skills.



Mathematic materials are designed to give the child a sound understanding of numbers and their relationship. Learning is introduced in a simple and sensorial way so that the child can see, hold and feel a number or concept which in turn leads to understanding. Mathematics is supported by problem solving, numbers, shapes, addition, subtraction, calendar, money, measurement and capacity.



Creative Art and Imaginative Play

Creativity is fundamental to successful learning. Children are encouraged to develop their imagination and ability to communicate and express ideas in creative ways through painting, colouring, collage and play-doh. The role-play area enables children to use their imagination whilst developing confidence and co-operation. It also offers a wide range of knowledge of the community through dressing-up.



Physical Development

Physical education is vital in improving skills in co-ordination, manipulation and control as well as social development through co-operative games. Our stimulating indoor and outdoor equipment enables a child to gain confidence in what they do and enables them to feel the positive benefits of keeping healthy.



Our music programme develops a child’s rhythm and co-ordination and enables self-expression.


Sand and Water Play

Sand and water play offers sensorial experiences and encourages manipulative skills and language development. It also offers an outlet for mathematical and scientific discoveries (floating, sinking, volume and weight).