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School Policies

Please note that copies of full policies are available upon request from the school office.

Behaviour Policy

The aim of our nursery is to encourage children to respect themselves, each other and their belongings and to make them aware that it is their behaviour that is not acceptable and not the child personally.  We will always praise good behaviour.  Behaviours considered to be unacceptable are physical (biting, hitting, scratching, kicking and pushing) and bullying.  Our staff are committed to work with parents in managing a child’s behaviour.



If a child is identified as a biter, then the teacher and teaching assistant will monitor and observe the child at all times and endeavour to intervene before an incident occurs.  Parents will be notified and the school will recommend strategies that will be put in place.  The school office may provide the parents with a fact sheet to assist in tackling any biting incidents.


Healthy Food
Stepping Stones operate a healthy food policy with a strict no nuts, peanuts or by products, no sweets, no chocolate or by products and no fizzy drink.  Parents are requested to adhere to this.


Health and Safety

The health and safety of all the people who work or learn at Stepping Stones are of fundamental importance.  We aim to provide a safe, secure and pleasant working environment and undertake to regularly review all aspects of our practice.  Premises and equipment are checked on a regular basis.



Parents are to notify the school office should their child be on any medication.  Please ensure that the school office is notified of any changes in medical conditions, allergies, etc. and that the medical form held on file is updated.  Administration of medication should be discussed on an individual basis with the school office.


The child’s well-being is of paramount importance at Stepping Stones.  Parents are requested not to send their child to school if they are clearly unwell, have a bad cough, high fever, green runny nose, have vomited in the past 24 hours or have conjunctivitis.  Parents will be called to collect their children should they show any of these symptoms.

In the event of a child contracting an infectious disease, ie. chicken pox, parents are requested to notify the school office as soon as diagnosis has been made.  Parents will be asked to adhere to the school policy and medical practitioner’s advice and not return their child to the school environment until all spots, rashes are fully healed.  Further guidelines are available from the school office.


Special Needs
Stepping Stones supports all children in their learning to achieve their maximum potential.  Should a child be identified with special needs, then parents will be invited into the school for a meeting with the Class Teacher and Branch Registrar.  They may make recommendations and strategies to address any concerns, or may be given details of organisations where professional assessments may be requested.