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School Security

At Stepping Stones we take the security of your child very seriously and operate a strict policy to ensure the safety of all our children and staff:

  • Parents are provided with a Pick-Up Badge from the nursery, informing the staff which child that the badge holder is authorised to pick up.

  • The Main Entrance to the nursery has a security guard on duty at all times during opening hours. The security guard requires parents or nominated individuals to show the Pick-Up Badge upon entering the nursery. Failing to do so the Security Guard will request visitors to show formal ID and to fill out the Visitor’s Log. Without a valid picture ID, visitors will not be allowed access to the nursery.

  • All staff are carefully vetted during the interview process and everyone undergoes a Police Clearance.

  • As part of their continuing professional development, all staff must attend courses and training to keep their skills up to date, including health and safety, and first aid.

  • All branches have a Fire Sprinkler System installed.

  • Regular Fire Drills are conducted.

  • Fences and gates are always fully secured.

  • Play equipment both inside and outside is checked regularly.

  • Daily registers are completed, so there is a full record of when children arrive and leave the nursery.

  • We ask for passport photographs of anyone who is authorised to collect your child on your behalf and these are retained for our records.

  • Strict security measures are in place if parents or their nominated person are unable to collect the child. This includes prior notice from the parents and a collection password chosen by the parents. We always contact the parents if we have no prior notification and will not release the child until confirmation from the parents have been provided. As a parent you can have complete confidence and peace of mind that Stepping Stones can ensure a safe and secure setting for you and your child.