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Your Child's First Day

Preparation is Key – Starting Nursery

To ensure your child’s experience of nursery is enjoyable all new and returning students will attend for 1 hour only on the first day of the new academic year.  Parents should expect this to be the case for approximately 1 week. Parents of new and younger children should expect this to be the case for approximately 2 weeks with the time spent in nursery increasing each day as your child becomes adjusted to their new surroundings.

However, there is plenty you can do to prepare your child for his/her first day at nursery and to ease the transition from home to school:-

  • Visit the nursery to enable your child to explore his/her new surroundings and to see other children playing happily.
  • Read books together about children starting nursery.
  • Get your child used to being left with family or friends for short periods of time.
  • Shop together for a new lunchbox/bag.
  • Set up routines for mealtimes and bedtime so your child starts each day fresh and ready to have a fun filled day.
  • Allow plenty of time in the mornings to get your child ready for school.
  • Provide your class teacher with any important information i.e. your child’s likes/dislikes or any fears.
  • Clothing and shoes should be “child friendly” and easy to put on or take off, i.e. Velcro fastening shoes.
  • When its time for you to leave explain clearly that you are about to go and that you will be back later.  Be positive and aim not to prolong the goodbyes, as hard as this may be.

Finally try not to be anxious about leaving your child if he/she is crying.  Our staff are experienced in dealing with these situations and have strategies to help them.